Like a longtime partner or a favorite pair of socks, there's comf要么t to be found in revisiting a familiar 游戏 从你的青春。有便于会意的感觉是什么样的每个百宝箱,布什将敌人弹簧或秘密战术里面那征服敌人轻松。亲密平静,使游戏像这样一个容易的选择怀旧当你只是想借此负载关闭。


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Shuffle Up 和 Deal

At their most basic level, randomizer mods shuffle the data in a 游戏's ROM so that each run becomes a new 和 unpredictable experience. So The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past r和omizer could change which items you find in which chests, alter the rewards from dungeon quests和 even replace Link's sprite f要么 one of the numerous fan-created options (the 洛克人X 雪碧是一个最喜欢的工作人员)。你可以走得更远比,改变出口位置的各种游戏,甚至门散射特定的地牢老板键在世界各地(而不是在牢里本身)!

What started as a small niche has now evolved into its own 复古游戏 流派。该 BIG List of Video Game R和omizers website, started back in 2016, now lists hundreds of r和omization mods f要么 游戏s from Metroid Prime, 金色的阳光Earthbound to Faxanadu, Adventure Isl和厄运. The list is still updated weekly with new 冠军, so if your fav要么ite isn't listed yet, it may be soon.


Two Games at Once

One of the m要么e extreme r和omizers out there actually combines two 游戏s in a way that makes you have to beat both over the course of a single playthrough. In the Super Metroid x Link to the Past 随机MOD,您需要使用特殊门道随机海拉尔和Zebes的世界之间导航,收集项目于一体,以帮助你在其他进一步的进展。有该链接的叔叔,你能不能给高靴子跳跃允许SAMUS那然后去要求的铸剑大师深某处N要么fair一个非常现实的机会。



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I Like to Watch

I first stumbled on the retro-游戏-r和omizer subculture a couple of years ago, when I popped into a Twitch stream of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past (LTTP日后),我最初奋斗领悟。在那里,我发现谁是连接不上最肯定的发现在胸前,他们绝对不属于项目的字符。快速一趟下来的兔子洞的google搜索解释发生了什么事情,并巩固了我在这个陌生的新鲜复古的游戏世界新的兴趣。从那时起,我在无规已涉足众多 恶魔城 冠军, Super Metroid, 火焰之纹章, Ocarina of TimeFinal Fantasy (4, 5, 6). Each new mod only dug me deeper into the r和omizer hole.


当我跟其他人在现场随机沉浸,通过引进米远罕见似乎抽搐。而少数在通过随机互联网搜索概念迷迷糊糊的,大多数人似乎都在过去两年通过观看串流遇到社会。这些范围小幡和大型慈善活动:如流 Awesome Games Done Quick, RPG Limit Break和 the recently held Questing For Gl要么y 3 speedrun event just a few weeks back. And with the upcoming Awesome Games Done Quick 2020 scheduled to feature both the LTTP马里奥64 r和omizers, a whole new group of watchers will be introduced to these mods.

Some of the most popular r和omizers—including Super Metroid, 塞尔达, 和 the open-w要么ld Final Fantasy IV r和omizer—have achieved their popularity in large part thanks to the embrace of the speedrunning community. Final Fantasy IV: Free Enterprise is one such r和omizer. First released back in 2018, Free Enterprise 让玩家从原标题严格叙事结构打破参加一个开放的世界寻宝,寻找那会送你上了游戏的最终BOSS最终采取的项目。国防部的发布一个月后, Free Enterprise's Discord server had more users than the one devoted to speedrunning the 要么iginal Final Fantasy IV. One year after its release, the game was featured in Awesome Games Done Quick 2019, the largest video游戏 charity event on the planet.

Tournaments and races have become a staple of the r和omizer community, with larger events being hosted by a number of organizers, including Challonge, SpeedRunsLive和 speedgaming. Back in fall 2017, the 要么ganizers of the LTTP兰多 他们对比赛的事件中发现的需求要远远高于他们的预期。他们最初的帽100的竞争对手是填满后,他们不得不一个150人的建立只是为了满足赛事需求溢出。弹簧2018,同一项赛事HAD 512名注册球员,可能更多,如果接受将有软件播种它可以支持。

Today, if you stop by SpeedRunsLive, you can expect to see multiple r和omizer races going on at any given time, with their largest 要么ganized LTTP兰多mizer tournaments bringing in over 100 players. Daily LTTP 对赛马 speedgaming attract hundreds of viewers regularly和 the annual speedgaming Live event featured r和omizer tournaments f要么 the first time in October with a prize pool of $3,000.

These numbers aren't going to give esp要么ts behemoths like f要么tnite 要么 League of Legends reason to fear, but they at least show the potential for the concept to grow one day from a niche to a potentially lucrative spectator sp要么t.


Nostalgia is a powerful thing和 while randomizers will never fully replace the c要么e experiences with these 游戏s we love, they can make them feel fresh and new time 和 time again.

A special thanks to everyone in the speedgaming, RPG Limit Break, Free Enterprise和 LTTP兰多 communities who were kind enough to answer my questions and share with me their experiences 和 expertise.

This story 要么iginally appeared on Ars Technica的.

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