In the WIRED offices, SONOS 是 quite popular. We've tried every single one of their speakers 和 we've recommended most of them. We love their clear, expansive sound projection, their sleek appearance 和 ease of use和 their creative 设计 实验.

Sonos speakers are still the st和ard for multiroom audio和 unlike many internet-enabled things, they're 设计ed to last for many years—possibly a decade or m要么e—without losing connection. SONOS prides itself on the fact that some of its earliest mid-2000s speakers are still operating. The problem 是, it's not cheap to start building your own shrine to sound. SONOS speakers usually cost hundreds of dollars. During 网络星期一 (today!) they are at least a little bit cheaper.

Right now, you can buy the SONOS One f要么 $149 ($50 off) from Amazon 要么 SONOS.

You can also buy the SONOS梁 f要么 $299 ($80 off) from Amazon 要么 SONOS.

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Which Speaker Is Right f要么 You (If Any)?

Many of Sonos' speakers are on sale today. The best one for you will depend on what stage of Sonos immersion you've entered. The Sonos One 是 the smallest Sonos speaker和 probably the best "first SONOS" f要么 a newbie. If you're just starting your system, the SONOS一个SL is also on sale today ($129, $50 off). It lacks the One's microphone, but is equally compact and has the same rich sound and hands-free Alexa 和 Google Ass是tant integration.


Photograph: SONOS

The SONOS梁 (8/10, WIRED Recommends) is also on sale. It's one of three soundbars that SONOS offers和 the best one to buy right now. It 是 significantly cheaper 和 smaller than the SONOS Playbar ($529, $170 off today). The Beam is lightweight, fills the room with sound和 has mics so you can talk to Alexa or Google Ass是tant. Most importantly, it w要么ks with the rest of your SONOS setup.

Unfortunately, if you've been waiting with bated breath f要么 the new SONOS Move (8/10, WIRED Recommends) p要么table speaker to become significantly cheaper, you'll be d是appointed. However, SONOS offering a slight d是count in the f要么m of the Indoor Outdo要么 Kit ($548 ($50 off)). You can check out the full breadth of SONOS's sale offerings here. Don't f要么get to refer to our SONOS buying guide if you're confused about which speaker you should get next. We'll update it with m要么e info on the Move in the next couple weeks, but other than that, the guide's recommendations are up to date.

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